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Преимущества оборудования

Преимущества оборудования

Our products have many useful special features – here are a few of them

Occupancy detectors for high safety requirements

csm_beg_2-Phasenmelder_7f56d6a603.jpgFor buildings with increased safety requirements, such as hospitals or public institutions, B.E.G. has developed two special occupancy detectors: the 2-phase and 3-phase detector. These can be connected to two or three phases and therefore offer increased operational reliability if one phase fails: the lights are divided among the phases. If one phase fails, the lights connected to the other phase(s) remain on.

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Mechanical range adjustment

csm_beg_rc-plus_next_667b0f7fc3.jpgWhat others grandiosely promote as “pet immunity” has been a standard function for us in our premium exterior motion detector, the RC-plus next. The detector’s sensors can be individually altered with a screwdriver. In this way, the range can be perfectly adjusted to the location.

The RC-plus next has many more sophisticated benefits, for example simple mounting via a socket, and the option to set different follow-up times for different directions of motion.

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RC-plus next 280

Award-winning LED floodlight technology

FL2N-LED_Award.jpgThe renowned Plus X Award for “Best Product of the Year” in 2014 was given to the LUXOMATIC FL2N-LED-230 floodlight. This LED floodlight has good reasons to win: with 60 powerful LEDs, its power consumption is only 26 watts. Technology developed especially for these floodlights guarantees optimum illumination of the area covered. Instead of the usual point illumination, the B.E.G. floodlight LEDs produce an even cone of light.

Among other product features, the jury singled out its innovative thermal management, which contributes significantly to the lifespan of the LEDs used. Another winning factor was the convenient programmability via IR remote control, whereby you no longer have to make manual adjustments to settings directly on the installed floodlight.

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Illuminating occupancy detectors

csm_beg_pd2n_led_197cd55c85.jpgWe are the first manufacturer to offer a combination of occupancy detector and orientation light. The Indoor 140-L wall-mounted occupancy detector has an LED downlight, and the PD2N-M-1C-LED ceiling-mounted occupancy detector has a ring of LEDs in its housing. In both detectors, the light source can be used alongside a main light for dimmed lighting as an orientation light or night light. This results in many potential new options for lighting planners. The Indoor 140-L is also a push button at the same time.

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Indoor 140-L

Small detector, big impact

Mini-Melder.jpg Occupancy detectors used to be oversize eyes in the ceiling. But our mini occupancy detectors are almost invisible. The PD9 family has a visible sensor head with a diameter of only 45mm. These detectors are particularly suitable for installing into lights, and the separate power unit is easily installed in the light fitting. The PD11 occupancy detectors are characterised by a super-flat design, but still cover a detection area of up to 9m. The PICO detector packs all its technology into a 60x33mm, IP65-rated case, and therefore is also suitable for moisture-proof applications.

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Energy saving made simple

csm_92280_PD2-M-DALI_DSI_mit_LichtfA__hler_1402178cd7.jpgOur DALI/DSI occupancy detectors all have an innovative electronic ballast cutoff function. This function is used by the detector to completely switch off the connected electronic ballast once the dimming value reaches 0%, instead of the usual method of going into standby mode and still consuming energy.

Alternatively, the switching channel can be used to control HVAC equipment. The HVAC function has an adjustable delay, so that switching on the HVAC channel if someone only visits a room for a short time can be prevented. Only if movement is detected over a predetermined timespan will the relay close and the heating or air-conditioning equipment switch on.

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Error-free, quick and economical installation

csm_beg_knx-RCT_ed42b25fbf.jpgOur KNX room controller, the KNX-RCT, enables the KNX components most commonly used in offices to be connected directly in the room ceiling, with only the KNX bus still to be installed.

The box, only 180x162x45 mm (LxWxH), has GST-18 terminals for KNX, DALI and 230V, and for push buttons. One KNX occupancy detector, one push button, the (DALI) lighting and the room blinds can be connected.

The KNX-RCT saves fitting costs (up to 90% less outlay on wiring), material costs and installation costs. Up to 30% of total costs can be saved!

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Guided Light – the pool of light

csm_beg_guidedlight_a838b42da6.jpgOur new DALISYS lighting control system is based on the DALI standard and is almost infinitely scalable. A special function of the system is called “Guided Light”. With this function, lighting groups across different DALI lines can be synchronised. When movement is detected, not only does the lighting group in which movement was detected illuminate, but the neighbouring lighting groups also react, although with dimmed light. The user is therefore surrounded by a “pool of light”, which becomes less intense towards the edge. So the user can see what is happening in nearby areas at all times, and is never looking from a brightly-illuminated area into a pitch-dark area.

The system is ideal for setting up in stairways, hallways or open plan offices. Because of the dimming, using the Guided Light function is thus more cost-effective than conventional 100% illumination.

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