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DALI Система

DALI Система

Advanced lighting management

csm_DALISYS_Loesungen_EN_fb31357a48.jpgThere is a new dimension to DALI: the DALISYS lighting control system is scalable – everything is possible, from fitting out single rooms to lighting control for a complete building complex. The components are addressable and work on the principle of distributed intelligence, which means a high level of operational reliability can be achieved.

Multisensors, switch modules, controllers and increasingly now smartphone apps – all these control and application devices have one thing in common: they send operating commands triggered by a user or the environment, i.e. time-critical commands, directly or indirectly to the artificial lighting. In order to properly ensure that all telegrams can be processed, although these may reach their destination almost simultaneously, the multi-master principle was developed with Part 103 of IEC 62386 (part of the DALI2 standard). Products which meet this standard at B.E.G. are part of the DALISYS modular DALI system.

  • Modular, networkable system, scalable as required
  • High level of operational reliability due to field-level automation
  • Power supply to control devices is via the DALI bus
  • DALI wiring is independent of group formation
  • Premium functions, normally implemented via BACnet or KNX
  • Wide range of multisensors (even for outdoor applications)
  • Special “PureColour” multisensor for control of light colour in tune with daylight

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