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DALI LINK single room solution

csm_Buero_500x500_7298c99fe5.jpgScene control for small offices, set consists of a DALI LINK power supply, a PD11 DALI LINK multisensor and a DALI LINK 4-way pushbutton interface with built-in Bluetooth gateway. The super-flat PD11 is the first choice for the most demanding architectural considerations, with a large detection range and small size.

Unlike other systems, the DALI LINK PD11 is not only a multisensor but also a master occupancy detector with its own intelligence as a controller. Therefore B.E.G. DALI LINK is a fail-safe, expandable and economical system. All components are also available individually, so that larger rooms such as conference rooms and classrooms can be covered.

DALI LINK Products

csm_92732_PBM-DALILINK-4W-BLE_01_51d98bc215_8a28f85e2a.jpg csm_93068_PD11-DALILINK-Flat_234x170_86bca5db73_b473425a07.jpg csm_Smartphone-mit-Bluetooth_234x170_d3ca31724d_1d79e6b41e.jpg csm_92846_DALILINK-DE_234x170_f6eabea66b_2b2251b7e7.jpg

DALI LINK Bluetooth
pushbutton interface

DALI LINK multisensor

DALI LINK Bluetooth


Can be combined with all 4-way switches or scene from major manufacturers. Super-flat occupancy detector with a range of 9m. Programming can be carried out directly from your smartphone. Short circuit detection and overheat protection.

DALI_LINK_Starterset1_01.jpgFor the launch all three DALI LINK components (Bluetooth pushbutton interface, multi-sensor PD11 and power supply) are available in a practical starter box.

Bluetooth app

    csm_DALILINK-Raum_EN_8fad206c4e.jpgSet up settings and scenes
  • The B.E.G. Bluetooth app contains a protected area with which the installer can set up the DALI LINK component parameters.
  • All devices and their options can automatically be polled and displayed in the app.
  • Standard scenes can be used, or custom scenes created and applied.
  • The lighting can be switched and dimmed as required and scenes can be activated.

Advantages of DALI single room installation

Controllable from any smartphone

Using the DALI LINK Bluetooth app, a user with a smartphone can control room lighting and scene selection individually.

Guided Light

Additional DALI multisensors can be installed not only as slave units, but also for “Guided Light”. Adjacent areas are then maintained at comfortable orientation light levels.

Simple lighting regulation

The definition of two lighting groups (DUO function) with offset function using continuous DALI wiring can be carried out quickly and directly for each multisensor via the programming.

Demanding design requirements

The super-flat PD11 means there is now a design-oriented DALI room solution.


A maximum of 25 DALI lights and 6 control devices (multimasters or pushbutton interfaces) can be connected to the power supply. The number of usable devices can be doubled by using another DALI LINK power supply.

4 pushbutton inputs

All pushbutton inputs can be freely configured to control lighting groups or access scenes.

Orientation light

The “orientation light” function can be activated, and operates after the follow-up time previously configured. It limits the maximum dimming level of connected lights to an adjustable value. This means that safety-relevant areas are never completely dark, but energy is still saved compared to full illumination.

Lighting scenes

Up to 16 lighting scenes can be programmed. The scenes can be accessed by a pushbutton or via the DALI LINK Bluetooth app.