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Биодинамическое освещение

Биодинамическое освещение

Better light for better quality of life

beg_hcl.jpgPeople today tend to stay indoors with artificial lighting, and many work shifts or in windowless buildings. Therefore daylight light levels and how they change, as well as the darkness of night, lose their effects on people, who move ever further away from their natural rhythm.

This has consequences: too little daylight can lead to people’s body clocks going off track, or their sleeping and waking phases becoming less well differentiated. Both these factors have a negative effect on biorhythms, and can affect health.

Circadian lighting is aligned with the natural day-night rhythm (circa = around, dies = day), with one cycle lasting 24 hours. Biologically effective lighting should be tuned to the user’s circadian rhythm, and must intelligently support both naturally active times and periods of rest in the course of the day. PureColour occupancy detectors use the control of non-visual effects of light to bring the dynamics of daylight indoors. They can gently and unobtrusively support users’ performance and wellbeing.

WORLD FIRST – The tunable white detector

csm_Anschluss_HCL_EN_eb2de5a39b.jpgWe are the first manufacturer to have developed an occupancy detector with “Tunable White Function”. The detector regulates the colour temperature of the white tone in the room to provide the most beneficial influence on people’s biorhythms.

The detector uses pre-programmed colour values to control the colour temperature of the lights connected to it, so that the white in the room corresponds exactly to the optimum daylight white for that time of day. This means that lighting control is in tune with human biorhythms. Science calls this Human Centric Lighting (HCL). We call it: PureColour

Like all other DALI compact devices, the addressable TW detector “PureColour” comprises the DALI power supply with colour regulation for the electronic ballast/luminaire, a push-button control and a relay in just one housing. Bring sunshine into your building with the compatible LED panel.

By the way: PureColour for wellbeing is also available for the scalable system B.E.G. DALISYS®. Instead of the PureColour DALI Compact occupancy detector the colour temperature will be controlled by the DALISYS® Router.

Essential concepts:

  • Human Centric Lighting (HCL): the science of biologically effective light, which is adjusted to people’s wellbeing through artificial lighting that is similar to daylight.
  • Circadian Rhythm: this is aligned with the biological day-night rhythm (circa = around, dies = day), and is intended to stabilise a person’s day-night rhythm.
  • Tunable White: a function in advanced lighting which allows the light source white tone to be smoothly tuned to the required colour for the time of day.
  • PureColour: Innovative B.E.G. DALI Compact occupancy detector with tunable white function, as an option also available as a function in the scalable DALISYS.
  • Biological effects of light: in 2002, scientists identified a third kind of light receptor in the retina, alongside the familiar cones (for colour vision) and rods (for low light vision). These special ganglion cells are light-sensitive, but do not contribute to vision. They only register the local light level; when light falls on them, they regulate biological processes in the body, such as the pupil reflex or hormone production.
  • Melanopic effect of light: non-visual effect of light. The light is received through special photoreceptors in the eye by the light-sensitive compound melanopsin. This regulates the hormones cortisol (stress hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone), and the process leads to us feeling alert or tired.


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Human Centric Lighting with B.E.G. occupancy detector