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We are happy to invite you to take part in the contest for designers, who work on projects in lighting systems and power supply for the various buildings.

What should be done?

If you have a project in the lighting system which is required a lighting control for energy saving, just send us the raw data. We will do for you the placement of B.E.G sensors in AutoCAD, draw wiring diagrams, make the calculation of energy efficiency and the feasibility study. Absolutely free of charge!

Your project will be registered for a participation in the contest. The grand prize is MacBook from Apple.

First Prize

MacBook Apple

will be awarded to the bidder, who offered the lighting control system project with the highest number of B.E.G. sensors.


Second Prize

Iphone 6S

will be awarded to the bidder, who offered the largest number of projects with the use of motion and presence B.E.G. sensors (the minimum number of sensors on a single project is not regulated).


Third Prize

Ipad mini 4

will be awarded to the bidder, who offered a lighting control system project on the bus KNX or DALI with the largest number of B.E.G. sensors.


How to register?

Very simple! Anyone wishing to participate in the Contest should contact our chief techniciam Maxim Bulkin until June 30, 2015, at: +7 499 236 10 67 or Please, send us the submitted plans in dwg. and the statement of work on sensors placement. That would be enough to be registered to the Contest!

Where to get more information about the contest?

For any questions about the Contest please feel free to contact us:

Тel: +7 (499) 236 10 67

Mob: +7 (926) 640 71 48

Have time to register and please yourself & loved ones with a new Apple device!