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Photo Detection range Wiring Sizes




Accessories and Options

Product information

  • Low profile KNX occupancy detector with integrated KNX bus connector
  • When using the product database B.E.G._Praesenzmelder_928xx_V5.0, the following operation modes are available:
  • 1. Full automatic mode
  • 2. Semi-automatic mode
  • 3. Slave mode
  • 4. Occupancy-independent regulating mode
  • Up to three additional switching channels – selectively either daylight-depending or not
  • Set values and follow-up times can be changed for all channels using communication objects
  • Burn-in function with adjustable burn-in time from 1 to 100 hours
  • With activatable motion LED, deactivatable via ETS parameter, communication object or remote control
  • Spring clips for quick and easy installation in suspended ceilings
  • Settings via ETS 3 and 4
  • The product database for import into the ETS database can be downloaded from the B.E.G. homepage.

Application examples

offices, conference rooms, schools, nursery schools, hospitals


Product code


Technical data

Mains voltage Mains voltageKNX

Power supply Power supply8 mA

The detection range The detection range360°

Range (perpendicular) Range (perpendicular)Ø 9 m.

Range (infront) Range (infront)Ø 6 m.

Range (presence) Range (presence)Ø 3 m.


Dimensions DimensionsØ 52 x H 48 mm

Ambient temperature Ambient temperature -25°C to +55°C

Housing HousingHousing UV- and shockresistant Polycarbonate

Remote control Remote controlIR-PD-KNX, IR-adapter c App (IOS/ Android)