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LC-Click-N 200 / black

LC-Click-N 200 / black

Photo Detection range Wiring Sizes
LC-Click-N 200_91022




Accessories and Options

Product information

  • Motion detector with detection area of 200°
  • Spherical head adjustable in two levels
  • Range adjustable by moving the sensor head
  • The detection area can be altered by blinds, which are included. The blinds can be clipped-on and moved to stop unwanted detection.
  • Adjustment light level and time setting by screwdriver and potentiometers at the bottom of the sensor head infinitely variable
  • Wall mounting
  • Easy installation with plug-in socket

Application examples

monitoring for narrow premises, ways, gateways or at door sills


Product code


Technical data

Mains voltage Mains voltage230V

Power supply Power supply0,4 W

The detection range The detection range200°

Range (perpendicular) Range (perpendicular)∅ 12 m.

Range (infront) Range (infront)∅ 4 m.

Anti creep Anti creep∅ 2 m.


Dimensions DimensionsL 103 x W 78 x H 78 mm

Ambient temperature Ambient temperature -25°C to +50°C

Housing HousingHousing UV- and shockresistant Polycarbonate

Channel 1

Switching power Switching power1000 W, cos φ = 1; 500 VA, cos φ = 0,5

Time settings Time settings4 sec. - 20 min.

Lux value Lux value2 - 2000 Lux