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RC-plus-next 230 KNX / black

RC-plus-next 230 KNX / black

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RC-plus-next 230 KNX_92895




Accessories and Options

Product information

  • KNX motion detector with integrated KNX bus connector 
  • Switching mode, control mode, slave mode, occupancy-independent regulating mode
  • When using the product database B.E.G._Praesenzmelder_928xx_V5.0, several operation modes are available: 1. Full automatic mode 2. Semi-automatic mode 3. Slave mode 4. Occupancy-independent regulating mode
  • Set values and follow-up times can be changed for all channels using communication objects
  • Up to three additional switching channels – selectively either daylight-depending or not – for controlling lights, HVAC devices (with time delay) or for transmitting occupancy telegrams
  • Burn-in function with adjustable burn-in time from 1 to 100 hours, activatable via communication object or remote control, in order to profit from the entire operating time of the controlled lamps
  • With activatable motion LED, deactivatable via ETS parameter, communication object or remote control
  • Additional functions can be set via optional remote control
  • Wall, ceiling and corner mounting
  • Factory settings 3 min and 20 lux

Application examples

monitoring a whole side of a builing, warehouses, ramps or garages


Product code


Technical data

Mains voltage Mains voltage24 V DC from KNX BUS

Power supply Power supply 7mA

The detection range The detection range230°

Range (perpendicular) Range (perpendicular)∅ 20 m.

Range (infront) Range (infront)∅ 6 m.

Anti creep Anti creep∅ 4 m.


Dimensions Dimensions L 121 x W 71 x H 85 mm

Ambient temperature Ambient temperature -25°C to +50°C

Housing HousingHousing UV- and shockresistant Polycarbonate

Remote control Remote controlIR-PD-KNX, IR-adapter with App ( iOS / Android )

lux value lux value5 - 1200 lux