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Photo Detection range Wiring Sizes
AL20-280BM-LED SLS_91725




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Product information

Automatic system lamp with additional decorative light LUXOMAT®AL20-280/BM-LED SLS with a detection area of 280° Integrated LED secondary light ring for additional decorative house Lighting, can be switched on via remote control System light lower section SLS with motion detector and photo electric switch, suitable for incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps with E27 sockets. Can be freely combined with 19 different System-Globes SG! Settings manually via the potentiometer and remote using the infrared remote control LUXOMAT® IR-LCmini. Wall or outside corner installation Time saving one-hand plug-in base installation Connection facility for additional lamps which will be connected the same as the master lamp. Application examples: Entrance areas, garages, terraces, balconies and driveway entrances, etc.


Product code


Technical data

Mains voltage Mains voltage230 V~ ±10%

The detection range The detection range280°

Range (infront) Range (infront)6 m.

Dimensions DimensionsД 221 x Ш 112 x В 75 мм

Ambient temperature Ambient temperature -25°C to +50°C

Housing HousingHousing UV- and shock-resistant Polycarbonate

Channel 1

Switching power Switching power1000 W, cos? = 1

Time settings Time settings15 sec - 16 min.

Lux value Lux value10 - 2000 Lux