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KNX SA-8C-EM_90210




Product information

  • The switch actuators KNX SA-8C-230V-EM receives KNX telegrams and switches consumers independently of one another.
  • Measures the current consumption of the connected consumers as of a current of 20mA
  • The following values can be determined: mA, A, kW
  • Determination of the consumption per channel and sum of all channels
  • Surveillance of service intervals
  • Suitable for loads with up to 200µF at 16A
  • Resettable operating hour counter
  • Each outlet is controlled by way of a bistable relay and can also be manually activated with the buttons at the actuator.
  • Each outlet can be individually programmed through the ETS3/4. A choice can be made between logical links, status reports, block functions, central switch functions and comprehensive time functions, such as activation/deactivation of delays and staircase lighting timer functions. Scenario functions are also available.
  • In the event of a mains failure, all relays maintain their current switch position. In the event of bus voltage failure or resumption, the switch positions of the relay can be individually programmed for each channel.
  • The device is planned for permanent installation on a DIN-rail (top-hat) in high voltage current distributors.
  • Installation must take place in dry interiors.


Product code


Technical data

Mains voltage Mains voltage230 VAC / 50 Hz

Power supply Power supply< 0,5 W

Dimensions DimensionsL 144 x W 60 x H 86 mm

Ambient temperature Ambient temperature0 °C to +45 °C

Housing HousingPlastic LEXAN UL-94-V0