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B.E.G. solutions for Mercedes-Benz

B.E.G. Russia are pleased to announce the successful  completion of lighting automation project of the federal warehouse for Mercedes-Benz.
This logistic center will be certified according to the “green standards”, so we implemented there B.E.G. DALI presence detectors. The sensors are installed in the alleys to switch on lighting because of movements or/and to keep sufficient level of lighting.  One of the project requirements was to have constant illumination in 200 Lux. B.E.G. sensors monitor the movement and dim lighting via DALI, so constant illumination in 200 Lux remains at any time! Orienting lighting is also performed in this project with BEG presence sensors: in the end of the main time delay, lights come on duty as of 20% and so create a minimum illumination in a warehouse alley. B.E.G. products demonstrated great potential of energy saving and efficiency. The stated payback period is supposed to be just 13 months.
We sincerely thank everybody who took part in this project!

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